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Simcan Tender Top® Mid-Calf Socks

Simcan Tender Top® Mid-Calf Socks


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Seamless comfort and non-binding fit for all occasions.

The perfect sock for when you want all the comfort of The Simcan Comfort Sock® but want it in a lighter dressier version. The restrictive nylon at the cuff has been eliminated to allow the sock to expand to most leg sizes without restricting the wearer’s vascular circulation. The hand-looped toe is totally seamless to provide maximum comfort while the leg incorporates Simcan’s unique tri-rib construction to resist slipping on the ankle. 

The perfect choice for seamless comfort in a dress weight sock.


  • Sag Resistant - Maximum resistance to slipping on the ankle 
  • Easy To Put On - Idal for those with limited mobility 
  • Seamless Toe - Totally seamless toe provides the maximum in comfort 
  • Non-Binding Top - Will not bind or restrict circulation on most legs 
  • Simcan Quality - Quality assured for total satisfaction 
  • Tri-Rib Comfo-Top Construction - 3 zones of comfort and support int he right places

MATERIAL: 73% Cotton, 25% Nylon, 2% Spandex

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