About Us

Our Mission:

We want all diabetics to live happy, healthy lives without their foot problems getting in the way. Whether you have diabetic neuropathy, peripheral vascular diabetes or are just experiencing discomfort, we stock socks that will make you feel brand new!

Our core purpose is to bring top-quality brands to our customers so they can focus on their insulin levels instead of worrying about their feet. A good pair of diabetic socks should part of every diabetic’s regular foot care regimen. All of our socks are seamless and have specific features like square toe boxes, graduated compression and extra padding to alleviate diabetic foot problems. 

Our Story:

Diabetic Sock Shop is part of the Aleva Stores Family of Brands. Aleva Stores began in 1957 as a small prosthetics manufacturer in Pontiac, Michigan. Over the last 60 years, the Gaskins family has upheld the values established by founder Joseph Gaskins, creating a family of brands unified by a central principle: providing top-quality products and exceptional service to each and every one of our customers. Our mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations at every stage of the shopping experience.

“There is no limit to what we can accomplish when we are fearless in the pursuit of meaningful challenges and growth.” - Derek Gaskins, CEO

Derek Gaskins, 3rd generation owner of Aleva Stores, launched Diabetic Sock Shop in 2011. Committed to sourcing and stocking the very best socks for diabetics, Diabetic Sock Shop continues to provide customers the unforgettable shopping experience they’ve come to expect from Aleva Stores.