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Simcan SureSteps™ Mid-Calf Socks

Simcan SureSteps™ Mid-Calf Socks


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Anti-Slip grips for a Sure Step.

The Simcan SureSteps Mid-Calf Socks w/ Anti-Slip Grips socks have been patterned off Simcan's famous Comfort Sock but with the addition of a unique anti-slip tread on the sole to provide extra traction and security when walking on smooth or slippery surfaces.

The miracle stretch weave will accommodate almost any leg size without binding or restricting the wearer's natural circulation. The memory retentive spandex throughout the leg and foot mean that they will not slip and bunch up on the ankle. It also allows them to be put on without effort. The Sure Steps are further enhanced with a perfectly flat toe seam that will never irritate the wearer's toes.

Sure Steps are the perfect sock for those looking for the ultimate in comfort and the maximum in security and safety. 


  • Sag Resistant - Maximum resistance to slipping on the ankle 
  • Easy To Put On - Idal for those with limited mobility 
  • Seamless Toe - Totally seamless toe provides the maximum in comfort 
  • Non-Binding Top - Will not bind or restrict circulation on most legs 
  • Simcan Quality - Quality assured for total satisfaction 
  • Anti Slip Grip - Helps prevent slipping on smooth surfaces.

MATERIAL: 55% Cotton 42% Polyester 3% spandex

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