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Simcan SoLiners™ Socks, 2 Pack

Simcan SoLiners™ Socks, 2 Pack


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The combination of CoolMax polyester and soft cotton provides a moisture free environment to keep your foot dry. The addition of an anti-microbial agent inhibits bacteria growth and contributes to the health of your foot.

Wear Simcan Soliners for that barefoot look while still providing your feet the protection they need.


  • Non Slip Heal Grip - Grip on inside of heel keeps the sock from falling off your heel.
  • Smooth Seam - Hand stitched toe seam to provide the smoothest toe seam possible and it eliminates toe irritation and abrasion.
  • Moisture wicking - Designed to move the moisture away from your skin thus providing a safe dry environment for your foot
  • Anti Microbial - Helps deter the growth of harmful bacteria and fungus to reduce the chance of infection occurring
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