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Simcan Shortees™ No Show Socks

Simcan Shortees™ No Show Socks


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This high-tech sock is chock full of health features including; lightly cushioned sole to protect against chaffing, CoolMax polyester that wicks moisture from the foot, antimicrobial agent to inhibit bacteria growth and high stretch top to accommodate wide or swollen ankles.

The super comfortable Shortees are sure to become your favorite no-show sock.


  • Easy To Put on - Loose fitting top, easy pull up leg with enough stretch so it will not sag
  • Wide cross stretch - Knit with high stretch memory retentive fibres that allow the sock to gently mold to almost any size leg without pinching or binding.
  • Smooth Seam - Hand stitched toe seam to provide the smoothest toe seam possible and it eliminates toe irritation and abrasion.
  • Moisture wicking - Designed to move the moisture away from your skin thus providing a safe dry environment for your foot
  • Anti Microbial - Helps deter the growth of harmful bacteria and fungus to reduce the chance of infection occurring
  • Cushioned sole - Extra padding is knit into the bottom of the sock to help prevent abrasion and chaffing
  • Air Panel - Helps dissipate moisture and keep your foot healthy and dry.
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