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Simcan Leg Savers Mid-Calf Socks

SKU SMC-42994

Eco friendly socks that are as good for your feet as they are for the planet. These socks are also ideal for wide calves - it can stretch to comfortably fit someone with a 22" ankle and calf circumference.

Simcan Leg Savers Mid-Calf Socks are made from a blend of two of the most eco friendly fibers known to exist. The moisture wicking CoolMax EcoMade is derived from recycled plastic bottles while the Tencel is produced from the ecologically sustainable eucalyptus trees. Together they combine to produce an extremely soft fiber that has superior moisture management capabilities. Added features include a lightly padded sole to protect the foot against chaffing, special ventilation panels and a micro toe seam. What's more, Leg Savers has the highest degree of stretch of all Simcan socks, so they can fit almost any size calf. 

The highly versatile Leg Savers will provide total comfort for all your daily activities.


  • Sag Resistant - Maximum resistance to slipping on the ankle 
  • Cushioned Sole and Toe - Absorbs shock and impact during high activity 
  • Low Profile Seam - Helps eliminate irritation at the toes 
  • Non-Binding Top - Will not bind or restrict circulation on most legs 
  • Wicks Moisture - Keeps foot dry and safe from bacteria 
  • Eco-Friendly - Made from recycled resources

MATERIAL: 40% Coolmax 40% Tencel 18% Nylon 2% Spandex