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Inocep Double Layer Therapeutic Diabetic Insoles

Inocep Double Layer Therapeutic Diabetic Insoles


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These ready-to-wear, EVA closed cell therapeutic insoles, satisfy the standard requirements for diabetic insoles. The 2-layer foam construction offers a cloud-like experience that molds to your feet by simply wearing them in your shoes. These are SADMERC approved multi-durometer orthoses for diabetic footcare.


  • Ready-to-wear: Mold to your foot as you wear them
  • Additional plantar support and cushioning
  • Top Layer (shock absorption): Cell structure - Closed cell. Durometer - Shore A 25º ±5º
  • Bottom Layer (holds shape): Cell structure – Closed cell. Durometer: Shore A 40º ±5º
  • Numerous sizes for specific arch placement, performance, overall fit, and maximum comfort.
  • SADMERC approved multi-durometer orthoses for diabetic foot care


  • WEAR MOLD INSTRUCTION (Option #1): Place the orthotics into your footwear and wear as with any other shoe. Your body heat will mold the orthotic to your foot after a few days.


  • DIRECTIONS: For best results, remove existing insole from your shoe. Place manufacturers insole on top of INOCEP insole and trim length with sharp scissors. If necessary, wear only half the day for the first few days of use. Your feet may need time to become accustomed to having an arch support. Adjustment time varies from person to person. If you have discomfort, cut back on the increase in time, until you can proceeded again.
  • CARE: Simply wipe down with damp cloth and wipe dry.
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