NEW at Diabetic Sock Shop: Simcan

Simcan loose-fitting diabetic socks address the needs of those with the most sensitive foot issues. With comfort and wellness in every stitch, Simcan socks are knit using moisture-wicking fibers and feature flat-knit toe seams, easy to pull up legs, and more to ensure comfort. Let’s learn more about the Simcan brand. 

Simcan Enterprises has been a family-owned Canadian business producing quality hosiery with premium materials for over 25 years. 

Simcan pioneered the development of a unique line of socks that are dedicated to the health of your feet. All Simcan socks are knit using only the best hosiery technology, premium blends of natural and high tech fibers, and sophisticated quality assurance procedures.

Simcan Diabetic Socks

Simcan Comfort Mid-Calf Socks 


Simcan Comfort Merino Wool Mid-Calf Socks


Simcan Comfort Low Rise Socks


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