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Are you a doctor, physician or wellness expert specializing in diabetes or diabetic health?
We'd love to have you share your expertise with our customers!

Our Audience

Our customers are looking for ways to feel better and get healthier, whether it's wearing a pair of protective socks, changing their diet, improving their daily habits, or trying a new tool that will help them achieve their goals.

The majority of our customers are over 45 years old with the largest percentage over 65 years old. It's a fairly even split of male and female shoppers. Customers that buy diabetic socks usually have diabetes or another health condition that makes their feet extremely sensitive.

Our site has over 10,000 users a month.

What Should You Write About

Your writing should give actionable tips and strategies that our readers can take with them. What advice can you give them that they can put to use immediately?

Have a light voice and a sense of humor in your writing. Our customers might not feel well when they're on the website and we like to bring a smile to their faces when possible!

End your article with a question to engage our audience in comments or social media.

Guest Blogging Guidelines

  • Your blog should be educational and informative. It should be well-researched and contain links and citation to academic and third-party sources when appropriate.
  • Your blog should be over 500 words, but the longer the better!
  • Use images to illustrate your points when you can. Please do not use stock images.
  • Write a compelling title and use subheadings, lists, bulleted points, and short paragraphs to break up text.
  • Include a 2-3 sentence biography, head shot, and a link to your professional website or social media page.
  • By submitting content to us, you are guaranteeing to us that you own the content and have not plagiarized. You are also agreeing that your content will not be republished anywhere else, including your own website.
  • We do not have a budget for paid posts, nor do we accept "sponsored" posts - we are only looking for content that will be useful and educational to our audience. We will happily link to your website or social media account in your bio.

How to Submit a Blog Pitch

Email us at marketing@alevastores.com with the following:
Your Name
Your Email Address
LinkedIn Page
Links to 2 articles you have written and published on other sites
1-3 Topics you would like to write about (include two to three sentence description of the topic

If your pitch is accepted, we will contact you directly.

There will be one round of suggested edits prior to publication.