Thorlos Health Padds Clinically-Tested Padded Socks

If you’ve landed yourself here on the Diabetic Sock Shop blog, we’re guessing you are a diabetic. As a diabetic, you probably know the risks of diabetic foot problems like neuropathy. Lucky for you, we have all the diabetic socks you need to keep your feet protected, healthy, and comfortable. Let’s check out Thorlos Health Padds.

Thorlos Health Padds are specifically designed and engineered for people with diabetes to help protect against diabetic foot problems. Health Padds are highly effective diabetic socks with unique padding clinically shown to reduce blisters, pain, pressure, and moisture.

Benefits of Health Padds

  • Moisture wicking
  • Reduce blisters
  • Reduce pain and pressure
  • Provide protection against soft tissues
  • Keep your feet comfortable   

With all of these awesome benefits, you can go all day! Health Padds can even help you stay active by reducing blisters, pain, foot pressures and keeping your feet comfortable. According to the American Diabetes Association, regular activity can improve your blood sugar, lower your blood pressure, help you lose weight, lower your risk of other health problems such as heart attack or stroke, give you more energy, reduce stress and improve your flexibility.

Thorlos recommends Health Padds for people with diabetes whose feet are not at immediate risk of ulceration or amputation. Please note that if your doctor says your feet are at risk for ulceration or amputation, it is important to see your doctor regularly, get regular foot exams and check your feet at least daily!   

Thorlos Health Padds Clinically-Tested Padded Socks 

Designed for the person who does not want their active lives limited by diabetic feet. Not appropriate for feet at immediate risk of ulceration. Also appropriate for arthritic feet and any time pain is severe or protection is critical. Wear in combination with properly fitted shoes.




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