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Here at Diabetic Sock Shop, we are committed to bringing top-quality brands and diabetic socks to our customers so they can focus on their insulin levels instead of worrying about their feet.

We want all diabetics to live happy, healthy lives without their foot problems getting in the way. Whether you have diabetic neuropathy, peripheral vascular diabetes or are just experiencing discomfort, we stock non-binding diabetic socks that will make you feel brand new!

Why do diabetics need diabetic socks?

Aside from having to monitor blood sugar and insulin levels, diabetics are at risk for foot problems and injuries. If not taken care of properly, diabetes can cause two major foot problems.

  1. Diabetic neuropathy is the inability to feel heat, cold, pain, or cuts on feet.
  2. Peripheral vascular diabetes affects blood flow and prevents cuts and sores from healing properly.

Diabetic socks are a crucial part in every diabetic foot care regimen. Typically soft and made of fabrics that will keep your feet warm, diabetic socks will improve circulation and help you avoid these diabetic foot problems.

Wear diabetic socks if…

  • You have diabetes and experience wet foot moisture or sweaty feet
  • You have diabetes and have experienced or are experiencing changes in foot color, temperature, redness, irritation, nerve damage, blisters or fungus 
  • You have diabetes and are traveling long distances and will be seated for a long time  
  • You are pregnant and have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes

Talk to your health care professional for advice and recommendations on using diabetic socks.

What are diabetic socks?

Diabetic socks are specially designed to keep the feet dry, decrease the risk of a foot injury, and avoid preventing or slowing blood circulation.

Diabetic socks differ from your regular run-of-the-mill cotton socks because diabetic socks are made from superior moisture-wicking fabrics, and cotton traps moisture. They are also non-elastic and seamless to reduce the constriction that often occurs in swelling, which can limit blood flow and cause foot problems.    

Diabetic socks are also commonly white in color so diabetics can clearly see any foot injuries if they were to occur.     

Benefits of Diabetic Socks

  • Seamless to reduce the risk of irritation and blisters
  • Keep feet warm to improve circulation in your feet
  • Moisture-wicking and antimicrobial to keep feet dry and healthy
  • Non-binding to reduce constriction and swelling
  • Extra padding for sensitive foot areas to help prevent foot injuries and reduce/eliminate pressures or hot spots  

Diabetic Sock Brands

Shop our in-house brands, designed and engineered just for you.

Doc Ortho Diabetic Socks

Doc Ortho Diabetic Socks are designed to be non-binding and loose fitting in order to prevent constriction of the legs and feet. They also help control moisture, which reduces the risk of infection and other foot problems.

Doc Ortho Diabetic Socks are sure to be the best diabetic socks you’ve ever owned. They are even sold in bulk packs so you always have a fresh pair of clean socks to protect your feet.  Available in quantities from 2 to 12 pairs.

Shop Doc Ortho


Experience the VenActive difference! Engineered for maximum comfort and durability with a fully incorporated gradient compression profile, VenActive Diabetic Socks feature anatomically shaped heels and non-irritating toe pockets that allow for a more natural and relaxed fit. Specially designed to promote healthy feet and legs for those battling symptoms associated with diabetes.

VenActive Diabetic socks also offer an industry first lifetime guarantee!  

Shop VenActive  


Actifi socks feature full-cushioned all-day comfort. Low profiles and non-irritating toe seams make them perfect for diabetic patients or anyone with sensitive feet. Engineered to alleviate symptoms of diabetes such as sensitivity, tingling, and numbness while providing premium comfort, they also feature special moisture-wicking yarns with an antibacterial, antifungal finish to keep your feet dry and protected.  

Shop Actifi 

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