Diabetic Socks

Aside from having to monitor blood sugar and insulin levels, diabetics have a number of health concerns to worry about. Diabetes can cause two major foot problems: diabetic neuropathy, where the diabetic is unable to feel heat, cold, pain, or cuts on their feet, and peripheral vascular diabetes, which affects blood flow and prevents cuts and sores from healing properly.

Diabetic socks can (and should) be used in a diabetic foot care regimen to help prevent these foot problems, and the best diabetic socks will have the following attributes:


Seams tend to rub against your skin and cause blisters or ulcers. The best (and most) diabetic socks are made without seams.


Socks with wicking properties are breathable and great for keeping feet dry and preventing blisters and infections in the summer heat and humidity.


Diabetics can cause blood vessels to restrict, which decreases circulation to the feet. Fabrics that keep your feet warm can help improve circulation, thus avoiding diabetic foot problems. Toe Box Diabetic socks typically have square toe boxes to avoid moisture and any discomfort on the feet. This allows a comfortable amount of room to wiggle the toes.


Loose fabrics can be a problem for diabetics because they can cause injuries from rubbing against the skin. Diabetic socks should conform to the foot and leg in order to avoid this problem.


Padding on the footbed of the sock is not just for comfort, it also helps prevent and protect the feet from injuries.

Mild Graduated Compression

Some diabetic socks are designed to provide more pressure at the foot and less pressure on the calves to help maintain proper circulation to the lower extremities and prevent harmful problems from occurring. Diabetic compression socks can also prevent blood clots, and assist in relieving achy legs, which also helps soothe foot-related discomfort.

For both men and women, diabetic socks are latex-free, non-constricting, and typically range from ankle to knee high in height.

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