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I am a 74 yr. old female, and suffer from venous insufficiency, and severe edema. I was told by my doctor that I needed compression stockings.I was told that because of the swelling I had to have them custom made. The price was outrages. Upon searching the internetI I came across The SIMCAN Comfort Sock. I ordered the knee high in the largest size there was available, which was the men's L
I had my doubts that they were going to work. But when I received them I was so happy with the amount of stretch they had. I not only got them over my swollen foot, but almost up to a half an inch from my knee. They are so comfortable at the top with no digging or painful binding. I am absolutely thrilled and happy with my purchase. I am going to purchase two more pairs. I only wish they would come in the neutral color also. Thank you.
- Carol Shadowens